Friday, April 22, 2011

'Nine'-Stephanie's Black Dress

Before I even saw the movie (which I now have lukewarm feelings for...) I thought the costumes looked pretty cool.  I especially liked Kate Hudson's little black dress from one of the movie posters...which happened to be her dress from the introductory number:

Fabric:  I found some stretch sequin fabric on ebay (totally covered in sequins...epic).  It was a little pricey, but since I didn't need a huge amount...  I basically made this as a tube dress with a square piece at the top, adorned with glass faceted square beads.

Extras:  I strung the straps with a variety of faceted, czech glass, seed and bugle beads.  Most notably, though, are the large glass square beads I found at M&J.  They really allowed me to make this a little more screen-accurate, since the fabric would not allow me to make a slit up the left side (sigh).  The straps were tedious....I had to count the exact number of each bead used so that they would be symmetrical.  Worth it.  I found the boots online...ruched thigh-highs at costume express.  They are actually really comfortable!  What started it all was the hosiery....I had a pair of giant fishnets that I had ordered from Victoria's Secret YEARS ago....and when I saw the teaser pics of this costume I remembered having them stashed away.  As for the wig (I was not intended to be a blonde), it wasn't that bad.  This wig came from
All in all, very fun to wear!

Cassandra and I pose as a pair of woman actually knew who we were supposed to be!!!

Events:  D*C '10

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