Sunday, April 10, 2011

Marion Ravenwood: Basket Chase

When Brian decided to go all out for Indiana Jones, I knew I wanted to be Marion Ravenwood-she was always my favorite.  As much as I love her 'Well of Souls' dress (the though of Brian and I running down the street stride for stride makes me giggle;), I had to make something rather quickly, and on a shoestring budget.  Here is Karen Allen as Marion....

My version was super easy to only took a couple of days from beginning to end.
Patterns:  The top didn't require a's just a basic peasant-style blouse with a gathered neckline and gathering at the wrists.  I cannot find the pattern for the pants, but I remember they were ver basic as well--pajama-style pants with an elastic waist, which I altered only by adding elastic at the ankles.  The belt was a strip of maroon velvet (the most expensive part of the whole costume, believe it or not!).  I sewed hooks and eyes in the back for a nice clean closure.

Fabrics:  For the blouse, I used a lightweight off-white linen.  Red peachskin satin was used for the pants, and, of course, the really nice maroon velvet for the belt.  It looks like her belt has a print burned into it.

Extras: A very nice replica of her blouse does exist out there somewhere, but it is pricey.  Since my budget was small, I opted for trim and machine stitching.  I found the trim at Joannes, and dyed it with RIT in Scarlet.  I used machine stitching at the neckline and on the sleeves (my favorite part).  I also found some small red tassels, which I added to the sleeves.

Shoes:  I found some red espadrilles at Wal Mart for $6 on sale!  They are not entirely screen accurate, but since the blouse isn't either, I didn't stress it.

Events:  DragonCon '07 and  '09; AdventureCon '10

getting ready to meet Karen Allen with Brian and Cami:

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