Saturday, April 16, 2011

Willie Scott: Club Obi-Wan

This, by far, has been my most ambitious project.  When it comes to hand beading, I'm a glutton for punishment (I really do love it).  But, I have been a die-hard Indy fan since I was a little girl, and even though Marion Ravenwood has always been my fave, you have to hand it to Willie--she knows how to dress.
As for the build, I was totally aware that this would not be 100% screen accurate.  The original gown was created with vintage beads and sequins, and there's just no topping that.  So it became a giant sequin-chase, complete with dozens of screen grabs and last-minute modifications.

Pattern: McCalls M4369--heavily modified in back, length, darts added

Fabric:  Red Casa satin from Joannes

Trims, Sequins, Etc.: Gold single-row flat sequins in gold--180 yards purchased; Red wavy sequin trim--10 yards, Red single-row sequin trim--3 yards, Gold bugle bead trim from M&J--6 yards; 12ss red siam swarovski crystals, several packs of loose gold bugle and seed beads

Gloves: one pair of red satin; one pair of gold satin; red stretch sequin trim, gold stretch sequin trim

Fascinator: gold shimmer tulle, gold single row sequin trim (small), red shimmer tulle, 36 gauge gold jewelry wire, silver clips

Shoes:  the closest I could find are gold ballroom dance shoes from Stephanie dance shoes online.  They are accurate except for the t-strap, which could be cut away, but I decided to keep them.

Wig: purchased at Performance Studios in Nashville and styled by me.  Gold spray and a blonde touch-up stick were used around the hairline.

Events: D*C '09, '10, AdventureCon '10
Honors: Best Media Recreation Design: D*C Friday Night Costume Contest

This gown is tough to walk only 'gripe' with it is its stiffness.  Kate Capshaw shimmies about the stage and you can see how flowy and swishy the gown is below the knees. Mine lacked that flow, and since the dress is basically un-alterable, there's little to be done about it.  It was very fun to wear, though, and costuming with Brian's Indy was very rewarding.  I'm glad I made it....the total time spent was about a year, and sometimes I just wanted to scrap the whole thing.  Definitely a labor of love!


  1. I'm so glad I actually got to see this one in person. It was amazing!! I'm so impressed!

  2. Hi Ashlee

    if you sell it pls let me know. I search this suit for my Indiana Jones collection. Pay well! I have one of the biggest in Europa

    Greeting from Switzerland