Saturday, April 16, 2011

Moulin Rouge! Pink Diamonds

After watching Moulin Rouge! several times, I knew I wanted to costume from it...but which one?  There are literally dozens of gorgeous dresses and costumes to choose from!   I 'analyzed' several of my favorites and decided that Pink Diamonds was the way to go.  From there, in the spring of '07, I started researching and compiling materials.  Knowing that this project could get expensive pretty quickly, I scoured ebay every few days for materials (I am a public schoolteacher, for crying out loud!).  Finally, I hit paydirt....thousands of light pink swarovski auction...and I won.  That was it.  I was making this outfit!   That being said, I also knew that ostrich feather boas were out of the question, but I could find suitable, if not screen-accurate--replacements.  Plus, I was looking forward to all that beading.  For the next few months, I would be applying these small crystals, stringing gold and silver bugle beads, and constructing my first corset.
Pattern:  Simplicity 5006 (modified at neckline)

Fabrics:  Lt. pink casa satin from Joanne's, light pink netting, white denim for interlining

Beads and Extras:  Gold and silver bugle and seed beads, clear swarovski round and marquis shaped rhinestones, light pink swarovski rhinestones, 2 yards of stranded rhinestones from Joannes.  I literally lost count of the rhinestones after 1000.
Pink and Light Pink feather boas:  15 in all...5 on each hip/back and 5 in the back.  I actually have added a few more in the past year for fullness!

Shoes:  t-strap Nine West sandals from ebay.  I added the rhinestones with E-6000 glue.  I am thinking about upgrading to a more screen-accurate dyeable pump before I wear it again. 

Gloves:  opera-length white gloves...dyed pink.  I'd like to upgrade these to dyed leather as well, but we'll see...........

Jewelry:  Clear rhinestone chandelier earrings and lots of stretch rhinestone bracelets....'diamonds' are a girl's best friend!  I'm still collecting bracelets to stack up my wrists!

*I even found the perfect little pink satin purse with diamonds at the handles at Claire's for $3!

Events:  D*C '07, '09, '10; AdventureCon '10, Dallas AllCon '11


  1. Hi, I'm turning 18 at the end of summer and I really want to have a totally epic moulin rouge party. So, I was wondering if you were interested in renting this costume for a couple of days. I've already looked around and have found nothing close to what I can afford, and I know how to sew but not well enough to make this.. If you not interested I totally understand. But if you are that would be fantastic! : )

  2. Same question pretty much but for my 21st birthday!

  3. This is truly incredible. Would you ever make this again a la commission?