Friday, April 22, 2011

Snowbunny Padme

I made this costume several years ago for CIV...and even though my 'Lake Gown' was much more labor-intensive, this costume actually got the most responses from con-goers!  Especially the kids...I don't know how many times I heard "Hi, Padme!  Can I take a picuture with you?" Funny old world, isn't it?  I would again like to thank Benae Quee for her tutorial on the made this costume so much more enjoyable to make. 
Pattern:  Benae Quee's tutorial...hood attached to a sweet cloak.

Fabrics:  White polar fleece with a lining made of ice blue cotton.  I could have opted for silk, but in keeping with my budeget, I stuck with cotton.  I suppose that is one of the benefits of costuming from an animated character--you get to choose the textures.  For the trim, I did use white faux fur which I dyed the same ice blue as the lining. (It took FOREVER!) The fur made a nice contrast against the smoothness of the fleece.  For the bodysuit...well...that was easy.  I simply ordered a head-to-toe unitard from a dancewear company.

Extras:  I used leftover fur trim to edge out the white satin gloves, as well as the tops of the white boots. The ties were made from round white shoelaces with dyed pom-poms glued to the ends.  The belt was made using a strip of rawhide leather left over from my Leia belt (painted white), and the holster came from a Rubies costume kit.  The blaster was purchased as well. 

As an added note:  wear nude or taupe undergarments!  They'll blend in with your skin, so you won't have to worry about show-through.  A set of Spanx wouldn't hurt either, since we are talking white spandex here.  I love mine!  No lines!

Brian and I posing with R2 at CIV....we had to stand still for a while..................

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