Monday, April 11, 2011

Batik Can-Can

  After falling in love with Moulin Rouge!, and practically all the gorgeous costumes worn by, well, everyone, I decided that I needed one of them.  So I researched myself crazy and spent about 4 months creating the Pink Diamonds outfit.  But that's for another post!  In the spring of '08 I gave birth to my beautiful little daughter, and during that summer, as she napped, I began working on a can-can dress inspired by all the beautiful jewel tones found in the 'Lady Marmalade' number.  Sometimes I'll just watch that one scene...all the rich reds, blues, purples, golds.  I didn't necessarily want to make a screen-accurate dress, just a fun can can to wear that Halloween and to the Rougie gathering in Atlanta in '09.  Then I received a beautiful quilt from a cousin as a baby gift.  The quilt was binded in black (with a paisly print) and the quilt blocks had a variety of batiks.  I thought..."that's it!"  This was to be my color scheme!
Pattern:  Simplicity #3847  for the skirt.  It's just a poodle/circle skirt, and #2966  for the bustier.

Fabrics: Heavy black satin from Joannes for the 2 skirt layers and polka-dot and striped batiks. 

Extras:  I've used both paisley printed tights and black fishnets for the hosiery.  I'd really like to make some more screen-accurate bloomers, but I've been using black spankies.  I used black lace trim across the top of the bustier.

Hat:  Black glitter burlesque top hat from ebay.  It's very cute!  And after a recent flight, it's also very smooshed.  I'll probably order another one...they're pretty easy to find.  I used strips of lime, turquoise, and hot pink tulle to make a large 'poof' at the back of the hat--like a veil.

Shoes:  Again, this just depends on the mood.  I have worn leather t-strap heels...I've also worn knee boots. 

Earrings;  I have a beautiful pair of pink swarovski chandelier earrings I got as a GWP from Express several Christmases ago.  They match the pink and sparkle '10 I wore a pair of vintage crystal clip-ons in a sort of peacock-blue AB that belonged to Brian's grandmother. 

Ruffles:  Believe it or not, but there is over 60 yards of batik fabric strips which were hemmed, ruffled, then hand-sewn to the underskirt.  It ended up being really stretched the length of the underskirt by a few inches, so I had to re-adjust the waist of the underskirt before combining it with the overskirt.  Maybe it was a bit much, but I love the way they move.

Cassandra, Camille, Me, Betsy, Kathy, and Suzanne upholding the bohemian ideals of freedom, beauty, truth, and love!

Events:  Halloween '08, D*C '09, '10, AdventureCon '10, All Con '11
Awards:  First Place Adult-Simplicity Halloween Costume Contest '08
I really do love wearing this costume.  In spite of the weight of the skirt, it is very comfortable, and there's just something about sitting in piles of ruffles.    The bustier is now quite loose, and I'm contemplating making another one, maybe before D*C '11.

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