Saturday, April 16, 2011

Moulin Rouge: Pink Diamonds

After watching Moulin Rouge! several times, I knew I wanted to costume it....but which one??  There are literally dozens of gorgeous dresses and costumes to choose from, so I sort of 'analyzed' some of my favorites...and I felt that Pink Diamonds was the way to go.  I love the sparkle and the overall aesthetic of the costume...sort of showgirl, sort of burlesque, but totally sweet.  Plus, my goodness, all those beads and rhinestones!  I started researching and compiling materials in the spring of '07.  Knowing that this project could potentially get expensive, I combed ebay every few days for any materials I may find.  I knew that ostrich boas were out of the question (financially speaking....I am a public schoolteacher, for crying out loud!!), but I didn't really want to skimp on details.  There seems to be a few versions of this outfit used in the film, and the differences can be seen especially in the bodice area.  So I just sort of went with my gut in that area. 

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