Sunday, April 10, 2011

Austin Powers GoGo Dress

This year at D*C, several costuming friends have decided to form an Austin Powers group.  Each person selected a specific costume from either the opening dance or the scene at the Electric Psychadelic Pussycat Swinger's Club.  After watching the first ten minutes of Austin Powers several times, I settled on this cute little orange and yellow number--kind of mod, definitely cheeky:

Pattern: I started out with a Simplicity pattern---a standard go-go dress that doubles as three other costumes--but scrapped it after modifying it beyond its use. 

Fabric: Orange stretch knit, slightly ribbed.  I had some trouble finding a fabric that had a nice stretch AND was the right shade of orange.  I actually bought some really cheesy polyester (like the kind old leisure suits are made of:) and tried to dye it with idye poly, but to no avail.  After exercising patience, I finally found what I needed!  The yellow band is a cotton jersey.  The arrow is made of fun fur--mine looks a little less shaggy than the original, but oh, well.  It was inexpensive, and may shag itself up in time, no pun intended.

Stockings: The opaque yellow knee-highs were found at we love colors, which is a great online store for hosiery.  I also wear Danskin flesh-toned dance hosiery.  As for the unmentionables (the skirt is quite short), I was sure to order a pair of yellow cheerleader Spankies.  Just in case;)

Shoes:  You only see her shoes in the distance shots as Austin is pulling up to the club, and from what I can make out, they are orange gogo half-boots.  It would have been so much easier if they had been knee-high (they are so easy to find on ebay), but, again, I held out and finally found some gently worn tan suede boots at Goodwill.  Super comfy and well made.  Plus, the heel height is just high enough without being too high. I painted them orange...voila!

Earrings:  I was able to zoom in and get a fairly decent look at her hoops, which look to be orange and fushia beads.  All I did was thread larger glass beads onto jewelry wire, then clasp them to ear hooks.   

Handbag:  It looks as though it may be a frame or 'envelope' bag in yellow patent...again, this is a 'blink and you miss it' costume, so up close details are zilch.  I will be keeping my eyes open for something similar.

Here is the finished dress...solo, and with the shagadelic Austin Powers group, who performed at the Dragon Con 2011 Masquerade!

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