Friday, June 3, 2011

"Labyrinth" Ball Gown

I really liked this movie growing up....a little creepy at times, but where there is David Bowie, you can do no wrong.  Anyhew, I thought the ballroom scene was magical, and the dress worn by Sarah was the quintessential fairie-tale gown.  So I thought I'd make a version of it, wear it briefly to D*C, then sell it.  It didn't go exactly as planned.  But I love it anyway!

Patterns:  I actually used 3 patterns to finish this gown:  for the bodice: Simplicity 2966; for the sleeves: Simplicity # 4156; for the skirt: Simplicity #3791.

Fabrics:  Heavy white satin for the underlayer; white sparkle tulle and white netting for the 'middle' layers; iridescent sheet for the outerlayer. Crinkle organza would be more advisable.

Extras:  I hand-beaded the designs on the bodice in gold bugle and seed beads, and I also added AB swarovski crystals here and there.  I made the necklace out of several types of glass beads in clear and AB, twisted around gold jewelry wire.  The hoop skirt was purchased on ebay--a bridal hoop with 6 layers!  The biggest I could find!  I also made the hairpieces out of white and iridescent ribbon and wire.  The brooch on the skirt was made out of sculpey, then texturized.  I added AB swarovski rhinestones.  The beading took about 2 months to complete (around the bodice and the sleeves).  I wish *now* that I would have used gold lace instead.  Will consider if I ever decide to do a version 2.0!
I wore this gown for about 2 hours at D*C, but it was a very busy time, and it was difficult to move around in such a large gown.  So that was it.  I did get some photos in, though, and several people recognized the gown and wanted pictures.  A little girl wanted her picture taken with me, which was soooo sweet! 
Instead of selling the gown (which I still may do), I temporarily loaned the gown to a local production of 'Cinderella.'  It looked great onstage!


  1. That is so awesome :) i really wish i could sew

  2. Sarah's dress is my DREAM dress. If I were to have a wedding... I would want her dress. I am teaching myself to sew almost for this reason alone.

    Your dress is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for mentioning the patterns you used; I've searched for hours looking for some kind of hints/help. I even searched for a pre-made costume for sale but have come up with nothing.