Monday, January 16, 2012

The Hunger Games: Glimmer's Parade Costume

One of my New Year's resolutions (one of the ones I do intende to keep) was to make some costumes to offer up in my etsy shop and/or take on a few commissions this year.  So I got to work over Christmas break.  And as the toddler-doodle slept at night and during naps, I read the Hunger Games trilogy and sewed.  Then I combined the two.  As I read the first book, I actually tabbed pages that described clothes and costumes that sounded interesting to make.  There were several....then there was the 'Mockingjay' dress later on....maybe I'll do that one later....
Anyway, there is a brief description of the District 1 Tribute costumes for the Opening Ceremony parade..."tasteful tunics glittering with jewels" (Collins).  So I just went with that.  I made a simple A-line dress with silver satin, then lined it in white muslin (although the pattern didn't call for lining, it seemed like a good idea).  After I sewed in the zipper and the hook and eye, I started pairing off the gems.  I wanted the design across the chest to be symmetrical, then the smaller gems that sprinkle toward the bottom can be sprinkled across at random.  There are hundreds....placed one at a time with gem-tac.  Hot glue won't hold, and e-6000 eats away at the foil on the back of the gems.  The gem tac holds them quite well.  So, yeah, the process of be-jewelling the dress took many, many hours-the back is adorned as well.  But so much fun.
I couldn't make this one without one glittery accessory, since District 1 does make luxury items.  So I used some leftover satin to cover a fascinator base, made some puffy ruffles, and jewelled the front.  I also cut out a "1" and glittered it then placed some leftover Swarovski crystals (from another project) then set it in the middle of the ruffles.  It needed that extra something to identify it, and the number seemed like the reight thing to do--it's small and subtle, and a Hunger Games fan will know exactly what it means.  Top it off with a white ostrich plume and voila!
I also have another Hunger Games costume in the works, and will post pics here as soon as it is done!
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